Armenian tourism experts to participate in trainings at Les Roches Global Hospitality


YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. Armenian tourism experts have been enabled to participate in special training courses at the renowned Les Roches Global Hospitality educational institution in Switzerland. 

First Vice President of the Tourism Committee Susanna Hakobyan told Armenpress that the trainings are part of an MoU signed with Les Roches Global Hospitality.

Similar other programs will be launched in the future.

Hakobyan described Les Roches Global Hospitality as "one of the top 5 tourism and hospitality schools" in the world. She said that the committee will cover all expenses of the training for the selected applicants.

Two candidates have already been chosen after passing several selection procedures and the trainings will start in March 2024.

The committee had been looking for candidates who are 23-37 years old, have at least a BA in tourism or a related field, and at least 2 years of working experience.

“We want to further elevate experienced specialists,” Hakobyan said, adding that the program is not for beginners.

She attached importance to education and training programs.