Pashinyan responds to Azerbaijan’s statements on Armenia’s arms acquisition

 23:59, 13 January 2024

YEREVAN, JANUARY 13, ARMENPRESS.  At the session of the initiative group of the 'Civil Contract' party held in the city of Gavar on Saturday, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, referred to the statements made by Azerbaijan regarding Armenia's implementation of reforms in the army and arms acquisition.

“On the one hand, Azerbaijan presents territorial demands to Armenia, announces that it will strengthen its army, on the other hand, complains that Armenia is buying weapons from France and India.What is the logic here?

Any country has the right to have an army, no one can question it," Pashinyan stated.

According to him, it is understandable that all this should be put in the context of regional security. “Armenia may have concerns regarding Azerbaijan's armaments, and Azerbaijan may have concerns about Armenia. This is the reason why we say: let's sign a peace agreement in a way that does not make war possible,' said PM Pashinyan.