U.S. supports ‘durable and dignified peace’ between Armenia and Azerbaijan


YEREVAN, JANUARY 12, ARMENPRESS. The U.S. supports a durable and dignified peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs James O’Brien has said.

“We support a peace agreement, a durable and dignified peace, between Azerbaijan and Armenia,” O’Brien said at an online press briefing. “And on this, a couple points.  We’re very encouraged that they continue to have a robust agenda bilaterally and address the issues that remain between them.  There are more to work through, and to the extent we can be helpful as they do, we’re happy to support.  We have very full relationships with both countries that range across economic, security, and political ties and we would like to see them both benefit from a peace arrangement, and we’ll be working to that end in whatever way is most acceptable.”

He went on to laud Armenia’s reform agenda.

“I think this is another great opportunity for both governments to deliver more for their people.  The reform agenda in Armenia is very impressive.  Azerbaijan has elections coming up and I know can talk about the role that it wants to play in regional economic development, and I think a peace arrangement would only contribute to those plans.  Now, we would like to be able to discuss all the issues we have on the agenda with both countries, from our concerns about some people in detention to bilateral issues, and we’ll have a very full agenda as we go forward.  But it’s all under the umbrella of encouraging a lasting, durable, dignified peace between the two countries,” James O’Brien said.