3,945,010AMD to the Health Fund for Children of Armenia:The Power of One Dram for January to go to Armenian Mothers fund


YEREVAN, JANUARY 11, ARMENPRESS. Idram and IDBank summarize the December program of the "The power of one dram" initiative. The "one drams" collected for the payments made by the clients of the two companies in December, 3.945.010 AMD, will be sent to the Health Fund for Children of Armenia.

Summarizing the year, Tatevik Vardevanyan, the Head of  Idram&IDBank communication unit, notes, that they managed to support more than a dozen initiatives and foundations. "During 2023, we have directed more than 40 million drams to various initiatives: healthcare, educational programs, as well as initiatives to support our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh," notes Tatevik Vardevanyan.

The “one drams” accumulated during the January 2024 will be directed to the “Armenian Mothers” fund.

According to Narine Manukyan, director of the fund: “The cooperation between us and Idram has years of history and we are happy that this month too we had the opportunity to work with our partners for the sake of hundreds of children’s health improvements. The project is very important for us, because this year in the rehabilitation treatment we included children with disabilities, who were forcibly displaced from Artakh. They have the need to receive the treatment. In “Erazi Tun 1” and “Erazi Tun 2” children rehabilitation centers they will receive free rehabilitation therapies.”


You can become a goodwill ambassador without spending any extra money. For that, you just need to make all your payments via Idram&IDBank application, IDBanking.am online platform, via terminals of two companies, and for each payment you make, the companies will donate one dram to good deeds.


By the way, “The Power of One Dram” has directed more than 150 million drams to dozens of initiatives throughout its activity, contributing to the development of various sectors of our country and building a better future for our people.


In 2023, “The Power of One Dram” was directed to:


  • The “Music for the Future” Foundation, for the “Talentum” educational program: AMD 3.008.215
  • Installation of solar water heaters in private households in rural areas of Artsakh: AMD 6.463.511
  • The program to reveal the professional potential of war participants: AMD 3.389.788
  • Public organization “Road of Life”: AMD 3.520.698
  • “Hayordi” camp: AMD 3.482.779
  • Children of Armenia fund: AMD 3.480.466
  • SOS – Children's villages: AMD 3.500.572
  • Hayq to the World educational program: AMD 3.397.784
  • Hayordi-Artsakh initiative: AMD 3.580.216
  • Greenhouses for Artsakh Armenians in Syunik: AMD 3.588.848
  • Health Fund for Children of Armenia: AMD 3.945.010