Stable Iran Crucial for Armenia’s Security, Says Expert

Jan 7 2024

By: Momen Zellmi

In the geopolitical ballet of the Middle East, Armenia’s security is inextricably tied to the stability of Iran. This was the core message delivered by Gohar Iskandaryan, an expert on Iranian studies, during a recent press conference.

The assertion underscores the intricate interplay of regional politics, where the tremors of unrest in one country can ripple through its neighbors.

Iskandaryan highlighted the symbiotic relationship between Armenia and Iran, outlining how stability in Iran directly impacts Armenia’s security interests. As neighboring nations with close economic and geopolitical ties, the potential security threats Armenia could face if Iran’s stability is compromised are significant.

Recent demonstrations in Iran, contrary to their usual anti-government nature, have been pro-government, signaling a show of support for the regime. This shift in public sentiment is an element that Iskandaryan believes is crucial for the ongoing stability of the region.