UATE Chief Spotlights Tech Role in Armenia’s Progress at Global Summit

Jan 6 2024

By: BNN Correspondents

On the grand stage of the Global Armenian Summit in Yerevan, Hayk Chobanyan, the Executive Director of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE), unveiled an inspiring vision of a scientifically advanced and technologically integrated Armenia. As an influential figure within Armenia’s technology sector, Chobanyan’s words reverberated across a nation eager to establish itself on the global scientific and technological map.

During his keynote speech, Chobanyan emphasized the pivotal role of science and technology in steering the country’s progress. He underscored the importance of the IT and high-tech industry in propelling Armenia’s economic growth and development. He addressed the audience, which comprised both local and international participants, shedding light on how the nation stands to gain from elevating its scientific and technological capabilities.

In the backdrop of the current geopolitical tensions, Chobanyan pointed out the strategic significance of the Global Armenian Summit, not just for Armenia, but for the Armenian people worldwide. He articulated the necessity of using this platform to discuss and strategize ways to advance the scientific and technological prowess of the nation.

Chobanyan expressed concern that Armenia has yet to fully harness the potential of the Armenian Diaspora for the nation’s advancement. Referring to the Armenian Diaspora as a resource, he implored that this collective strength should be utilized to bolster the country’s development. He envisioned a future where the knowledge and expertise of the Armenian Diaspora are channelled towards the enhancement of the nation’s scientific and technological landscape.

Chobanyan concluded his speech by emphasizing the need for unity among pan-Armenian efforts. He advocated for the integration of scientific and technological organizations across Armenia and the Diaspora. He believed that such a collaboration would not only strengthen the country’s scientific community but also serve as a catalyst for Armenia’s development in the age of digital transformation.