‘Armenian Melodies’ Float Wins Grand Marshal Award at 135th Tournament of Roses

Jan 3 2024

In a resplendent display of cultural heritage and creativity, the ‘Armenian Melodies’ float, presented by the American Armenian Rose Float Association (AARFA), clinched the ‘Grand Marshal’ award at the 135th Tournament of Roses. The float’s theme, harmonizing with the Tournament’s emphasis on celebrating the world of music, was a tribute to the unyielding resilience and strength of Armenian matriarchs.

Dressed in traditional ‘taraz’, figures of Armenian mothers and daughters stood as the float’s centerpiece, encircled by symbols integral to Armenian heritage. These symbols included indigenous birds from the Armenian Highlands such as the crane, chukar, and little ringed plover, further enhancing the float’s cultural authenticity.

The float also showcased a range of traditional Armenian musical instruments like the duduk, shvi, blul, parkapzuk, dhol, and nagara. This resonated deeply with the Tournament’s theme of ‘Celebrating a World of Music: The Universal Language’, adding a unique Armenian melody to the global symphony.

Further enriching the float’s cultural portrayal were elements like the AARFA’s tricolor logo, pomegranates, apricots, and an ‘arevakhatch’ or sun cross, symbolizing eternal life. Participation from the Lilia Margaryan Dance Studio from Glendale, with 10 students performing alongside the float during the parade, added vibrancy to the event.

AARFA, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to spotlighting the American Armenian community’s contributions and achievements. The association also seeks donations to perpetuate this tradition, allowing for the continued sharing and celebration of Armenian culture on such a grand platform.