Armenia’s PM Pashinyan Asserts EAEU Should Focus on Economic Goals

Hong Kong – Dec 25 2023

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of Armenia, attending the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has insisted that the EAEU should steer clear of political or geopolitical agendas. In his articulation, Pashinyan underlined the EAEU’s primary purpose: fostering economic cooperation, integration, and development amongst its member states.

Pashinyan’s declaration comes amidst a backdrop of potential political motives that could overshadow the economic goals of the union. His emphasis on the EAEU’s economic focus seeks to protect the functional integrity of the union and the mutual benefits it provides to the member states. He also announced that Armenia would assume the presidency in the EAEU in 2024, indicating a commitment to a productive cooperation with the other member states.

Further in his address, Pashinyan highlighted the need for fundamental decisions regarding the functioning of common energy markets. He proposed expanding cooperation in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Additionally, he emphasized the role of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in economic development and the potential for seamless transport and administrative processes through modern technologies.

The Armenian Prime Minister’s participation at the EAEU summit comes in the face of mounting political tensions with Russia. Pashinyan has recently criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin and expressed an intention to approach the West. His public criticism had thrown his participation in the EAEU summit into question. However, his presence underscores Armenia’s commitment to the EAEU, especially as the global order shifts.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s firm stance on the EAEU’s role as an economic entity rather than a political platform conveys Armenia’s vision for the union. His participation in the summit, despite the political tensions, underscores Armenia’s commitment to international economic cooperation and its aspirations for development within these organizations.