Armenian Cinema Breaks New Ground with Oscar Shortlist Inclusion

Hong Kong – Dec 25 2023

For the first time in its cinematic history, Armenia finds its name etched in the revered shortlist of the Academy Awards, colloquially known as the Oscars. The National Cinema Center of Armenia announced the inclusion of director Michael Goorjian’s film Amerikatsi in the coveted list of 15 international feature films under consideration for the prestigious award.

Amerikatsi’s nomination marks a significant milestone for the Armenian film industry. This recognition at an international level endorses the country’s narrative capabilities and cinematic prowess. The film stands as an ambassador of Armenian cinema, introducing its unique cultural narrative to a broad global audience.

The Oscar nomination not only enhances the visibility of Amerikatsi but also amplifies the reach of Armenian cinema. It opens the floodgates for international appreciation, fostering dialogues around the country’s filmmaking potential. This acknowledgment holds the promise to propel Armenian cinema into a broader spectrum of global discourse.

The Armenian film industry and its audience both domestic and international, eagerly await the final list of nominees for the 96th Academy Awards. The official announcement will be made on January 23, 2024, with the grand ceremony scheduled for March 10, 2024. Regardless of the final outcome, the inclusion of Amerikatsi in the Oscar shortlist already stands as a triumph for Armenian cinema.