Russia admits having problems regarding fulfillment of Armenia arms supply obligation


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 22, ARMENPRESS. Nearly all contracts between Russia and Armenia on military-technical cooperation have been fulfilled, but there are problems with certain contracts, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin has said.

“Military-technical cooperation between our countries has long tradition and is based on the agreement on military-technical cooperation between Russia and Armenia signed on June 25, 2013. Nearly all signed contracts are either completed – on time and high quality, or are in the final phase of fulfillment,” the Russian ambassador told TASS news agency.

He said that Armenia and Russia are discussing the signing of new contracts of military-technical cooperation.

At the same time, the Russian ambassador admitted that in relation to certain contracts there have been problems regarding Russia’s fulfillment of its obligations.

“In terms of certain individual contracts there are indeed issues related to the obligations on fulfilling the state order by Russian enterprises in the defense sector, however these are working issues that are resolved during dialogue between respective government agencies of Russia and Armenia,” the Ambassador said.

Armenian authorities have said that Russia has failed to deliver armaments for which Armenia has paid for.