Putin says “not Russia but Armenia abandoned Karabakh”

Armenia – Dec 14 2023

“As for Armenia, complex processes are taking place there in connection with Karabakh. We all understand this. However, we were not the ones who abandoned Karabakh. They did it, they had not even informed us that such a decision was going to be made,” Vladimir Putin said at a news conference.


According to him, the created situation has “positive and negative sides, the processes are complicated and inner political.”


“It is not in the interests of Armenia to withdraw membership from the CIS, EAEU, CSTO. This is, after all, the state’s choice. As for the absence of the Armenian Prime Minister at the general events, as we know, it is due to some processes taking place in Armenia and is not related to the desire or lack of desire to continue the work in the integration structures,” Vladimir Putin said.