Livre: Karabakh, couloir des oubliés

Dec 2023
On December 3, 1991, under the stars of Talish, a small village in Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh, three children were born. Atom, his twin sister Sona and little Samvel. Throughout History, they attempt to write their own. From drama to drama, from war to war, the three children navigate a chaotic path while preserving their complicity, their friendship, their love. Sometimes History is stronger than life, to the point of stifling the most beautiful feelings. From Talish in Karabakh, to Talin in Armenia, they avoid bombs, rockets, traps set by culture, religion, geopolitics… Until when? 1991-2023, thirty-two years, barely enough time for the flower of life to bloom, thirty-two years on the time scale, the moment of a sigh, that of Armenia in tears for centuries. Thirty-two years during which many regions, countries, cultures will have to endure the inconsistencies, the intolerances, the absurdities of a humanity constantly searching for its own.