ow, when Azerbaijani man’s controversial video in Armenia was shot?

News.am, Armenia
Dec 6 2023

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia (RA) issued a statement in connection with an Azerbaijani man’s video alleged to be shot by him in Armenia. The statement reads as follows:

"Regarding the video released on December 5 of this year by Telman Gasimov, a well-known and ‘serious specialist’ representing among Azerbaijan's expert circles as a military expert and Armenologist, the RA National Security Service informs that Telman Gasimov received the said video back in November 2017 from dual citizen ‘A. K.,’ who recorded a video of the building where T. Gasimov was ‘born and raised’ and sent [it] to him.

 “However, 6 years later, T. Gasimov, by editing that video, adding his voice to the video, is attempting, with cheap propaganda, to spread panicky moods in the Armenian society and thereby increase his ‘importance’ among the Azerbaijani audience.”

An excerpt from the 2017 correspondence is presented below.