Number of passengers through Yerevan airport has increased dramatically. What is the explanation?

Nov 27 2023
  • JAMnews
  • Yerevan

Growth in the number of air passengers

The Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia reports an unprecedented increase in the number of passengers flying to Armenia and other countries through Yerevan airport, and by the end of the year a record of more than five million people is expected — the highest figure in the history of the country. The committee believes that both desire to travel and the tense situation in the world contributed to the rapid growth of passenger flow.

“Because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there has been quite a large flow of passengers. A number of airlines have left these countries and redeployed to the south, including Armenia. In this context, we have become a natural hub,” Stepan Payaslyan, deputy chairman of the Civil Aviation Committee, says.

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For the first 10 months of 2023, they have already recorded substantial activity — 4.7 million people. Last year the number of passengers amounted to 3.7 million. And the previous year, 2021, the Civil Aviation Committee considered a “recovery” period after the coronavirus pandemic.

Stepan Payaslyan, deputy chairman of the committee, said that before the pandemic, in 2019, there were about three million passengers.

According to Payaslyan, the country is considered by passengers both as an independent destination and as a hub for traveling to other countries.

In his opinion, the growth of air transportation and passenger traffic in the last two years is due to

  • people’s desire to travel again after COVID restrictions
  • Russian-Ukrainian war.

Payaslyan believes that Armenia could become “a major hub if its own airlines managed passenger traffic.” And some Armenian airlines are already taking on that role to some extent, but are not yet able to take full ownership of the situation:

“There are many cases when, for example, citizens come to Yerevan from Russian destinations and from here fly to European countries using the services of other airlines, as these destinations are now closed to Russian airlines.”

Provision of privileges to airlines, such as air duty and various navigation services to new destinations, also contributes to the growth.

“The activity of Armenian airlines has also become an important factor. Never before have six Armenian air carriers flown from Yerevan at once. This also contributes to the formation of passenger traffic. And competitive conditions also lead to lower ticket prices,” Payaslyan explained.

The deputy chairman of the Civil Aviation Committee says that a “dynamic process” has started with new airlines appearing and after some time they may leave the market or temporarily stop their activities.

Now it is possible to fly from Yerevan to Rome, Milan, Venice, Frankfurt, Paris, Lyon and other cities, Payaslyan notes. In the fall, a Yerevan-Sri Lanka direct flight was launched.

“In spring 2024, Eurowings will launch a direct flight Berlin-Yerevan.”

According to him, Armenian airlines also make flights to various cities in Russia.