Armenia ready to exchange convicted Azeris with PoWs under ‘all for all’ principle


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 24, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has expressed regret that Azerbaijan is using the purely humanitarian issue concerning the prisoners for political goals. He said that Azerbaijan’s actions are illogical.

Pashinyan said that the government is focused on the issue of POWs.

“We’ve expressed readiness to display flexibility in this issue as well, and to work with Azerbaijan in order for our prisoners to return. Negotiations are one way, one direction. Furthermore, we have expressed readiness to even exchange the convicted Azerbaijanis in Armenia with our prisoners under the all for all principle, considering it a purely humanitarian issue,” the Prime Minister said.

“We’ve applied to the international human rights courts and other possible legal bodies in all cases. In several cases we have rulings on indicating urgent measures from these bodies, bringing international attention on the issue. But I have to say that obviously that work can’t be considered sufficient as long as our captive brothers haven’t returned to Armenia, and we will continue to make every effort in this direction,” Pashinyan said.