Russia, Azerbaijan and Türkiye refuse to attend OSCE PA meeting in Armenia


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 18, ARMENPRESS. Russia, Azerbaijan and Türkiye are not participating in the OSCE PA Autumn Meeting held in Yerevan.

Armenian MP Sargis Khandanyan, the Head of the Armenian Delegation to the OSCE PA, told reporters that the three countries have not revealed the reason for their decision to not attend the event.

Invitations to attend the event are sent by the organization’s international secretariat. All OSCE member states, as well as the 11 partner states were invited.

Khandanyan said that Russia informed the OSCE PA President that it won’t participate a day before the event. 

“Regarding the Azerbaijani delegation, for several times, in various formats, they had raised an issue related to their security in Armenia. The National Assembly of Armenia informed the OSCE PA President that the National Assembly is ready to guarantee the security of the delegates, but as you can see, the Azerbaijani delegates did not come,” Khandanyan told reporters.

Last year, however, when Armenia hosted the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly meeting, Azerbaijan’s delegates did participate.

“There are security protocols and we are ready to implement it, but they didn’t come,” the MP said.

There’s been no explanation from Türkiye regarding its non-participation.