First Glimpse of American Armenian Tournament of Roses Float

Nov 6 2023
As the Pasadena Tournament of Roses prepares for the 135th Rose Parade, this is the first in a series of selected sneak previews of floral float entries that will inspire and delight the global audience from Colorado Blvd. on January 1, 2024.

By News Desk

The mission of the American Armenian Rose Float Association is to promote and preserve Armenian culture and heritage through the art of float design.

Vibrant hues dance to the rhythm of the float theme, “Armenian Melodies,” featuring a beautiful Armenian Taraz, a dress shown on the float. It will be adorned with red Christmas mums, whole pomegranates, cranberry seeds, and dried apricots. The Shukar Birds, perched proudly at the back of the float, will be decorated with blue and purple statice, black beans and the warm glow of orange lentils. Feel the beat of traditional Daf drums, curated into a medley of brown flax seeds, crushed walnuts, and the deep blue of statice.

The most stunning aspect of the float is the homage to Garni Gorge, a gorge a short distance east of Yerevan, Armenia, just below the village of the same name, where the first-century AD Temple of Garni may be seen above the gorge. Along the cliff walls of the gorge are well-preserved basalt columns carved out by the Goght River. This floral portrayal of Garni Gorge is a rock wall adorned with white rice and seeds of light lettuce, poppies, and dark lettuce, a tribute to the Armenian terrain. Layered at the base are white and yellow roses mingled with apricots and pomegranates, complemented by blue statice flowers and pink cymbidium orchids.

This spectacle isn’t just a visual delight; it’s a celebration of Armenian heritage. It’s a testament to the commitment and dedication to inspiring, educating and raising awareness about the deep history of Armenian traditions and values.

The floats will journey the 5 ½ mile Parade route displaying their symbolic and spectacular storytelling sure to be embraced by millions of streetside and broadcast viewers from across the country and around the world drawn to America’s New Year Celebration.

Source: TOR