Armenia Strengthens Defense Ties with India through Anti-Drone System

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NewZealand – Nov 7 2023

Armenia, a conflict-ravaged nation in the South Caucasus region, is taking steps to modernize its defense equipment by learning from India’s expertise. After importing rocket launchers and missiles from India, Armenia is now set to acquire an anti-drone system developed by Indian company Zen Technologies.

The Zen Anti-Drone System (ZADS) has gained recognition in India, with the Indian Air Force and Indian Army adopting it for their security needs. Now, Armenia has contracted Zen Technologies for the purchase of this anti-drone system, which includes training solutions and the actual system itself. The deal is valued at INR 340 crore (US$41.5 million).

Armenia’s interest in the ZADS is a testament to the system’s capabilities and effectiveness. The system is designed to detect, classify, and track drones using various sensors, such as passive surveillance and camera sensors. It also neutralizes threats by jamming drone communications.

With the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict highlighting the significance of drones in modern warfare, Armenia recognizes the need to enhance its defense capabilities. Drones, like the Turkish Bayraktar TB-2, played a crucial role in the conflict, compelling Armenia to explore advanced technologies to counter future threats.

The establishment of a branch office by Zen Technologies in Armenia further solidifies the defense partnership between the two nations. This move will facilitate business opportunities, as well as provide sales, support, and service.

India’s support to Armenia extends beyond the anti-drone system. In 2022, India supplied PINAKA multi-barrel rocket launchers, anti-tank munitions, and ammunition worth US$250 million to Armenia, marking its first export of PINAKA. The collaboration with India not only addresses Armenia’s immediate defense requirements but also aims to modernize its Soviet and Russian-origin defense equipment.

The Zen Anti-Drone System is developed by Zen Technologies, an Indian company, and is designed to detect, classify, and track drones. It uses various sensors and employs jamming techniques to neutralize drone threats.

The Zen Anti-Drone System works by utilizing drone detection, classification, and tracking sensors, such as passive surveillance and camera sensors. It also employs jamming techniques to disrupt drone communications and neutralize threats.

Armenia is keen on learning from India’s experience in modernizing Soviet and Russian-origin defense equipment. The partnership includes procurement of advanced military equipment and potential joint ventures for local assembly and training facilities. This collaboration aims to strengthen Armenia’s defense capabilities and enhance its readiness in the face of potential threats.

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