Armenia to demilitarize Interior Troops, reorganize as new civilian police force in 2024


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 30, ARMENPRESS. The Police Troops of Armenia, also known as the Interior Troops, will be demilitarized and reorganized as a civilian police force in 2024, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ara Fidanyan told lawmakers during the 2024 budget discussions.

The force will be known as the Police Guards.

“The Police Guards will have the functions of maintaining public order and ensuring public safety, protecting government buildings and essential structures, escorting delegations as envisaged by protocol, as well as ensuring the legal regime of state of emergency or martial law and other functions. As a result, a purely policing service in line with international standards, with new weapons and equipment and trained personnel will be created,” he said.

The bill regulating the Police Guards is now being finalized.