Joe Manganiello unveils Armenian calligraphy tattoo

Aug 27 2023

Amid the ongoing divorce with actress Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello, 46, revealed a fresh forearm tattoo this week. 

The new ink, a tribute to his Armenian heritage, was showcased in an August 22 Instagram post by Ruben Malayan, a calligrapher who conceptualized and scripted the design rather than a tattoo artist.

The lengthy caption of the post read, "My latest work, so far largest in scale. Հրեշտակ (Angel) for @joemanganiello, who I am sure will wear it with pride! Բարով մաշես: @rubenmalayan. #armeniancalligraphy and thank you @serjtankian for making the connection!"

Manganiello positioned his forearm prominently in the photo, alongside Bubbles, the dog that Vergara allowed him to keep. 

The calligraphy-style font, meticulously crafted by Malayan, showcased the Armenian word 'Հրեշտակ', translating to 'angel' in English, according to the calligrapher.

The image depicted Manganiello in a waist-up shot, clad in a short-sleeve black t-shirt.

Manganiello's connection to his Armenian heritage runs deep through his maternal lineage, as his great-grandmother Terviz "Rose" Darakjian is a survivor of the Armenian genocide. His pride in his roots has been a recurring theme in his public statements over the years.