950 hectares under Azeri control near Armenia’s Berkaber, says Governor of Tavush

 12:49, 6 June 2023

YEREVAN, JUNE 6, ARMENPRESS. There is nothing new in terms of the enclaves in the Armenia-Azerbaijan talks and this issue will be solved during delimitation and demarcation, Governor of the Tavush Province Hayk Ghalumyan told reporters when asked on the matter.

“This issue has been discussed on numerous occasions both by the Prime Minister and the members of our political team,” Ghalumyan, who represents the ruling Civil Contract party, told reporters on June 6. “We all know this, there’s no secret, everything is transparent. There is nothing going on in terms of the enclaves in the negotiations, the public will be informed whenever something happens,” he added.

Asked whether there are enclaves that should be surrendered to Azerbaijan, Governor Ghalumyan said: “Just as we have territories under Azerbaijani control, they too have the same in the Tavush Province and other parts of the Republic of Armenia. This issue will be resolved during delimitation and demarcation. I have nothing to add at this moment,” he said.

“I can only say that in the Berkaber section some 950 hectares of land is under Azerbaijani control,” he added.