ANN/Armenian News – TLG – 06/03/2023 – There Must Be A Way – Bedros Afeyan

The Literary Armenian News

There Must Be A Way

In this burning world of change and clamor there must be a way

False truth and lies a'glamour, there must be a way

When Google, Apple, Meta and Chat Bots slide you fluff glimmering as truth and not solid granite somber unduality 

In that world of deep fakes, cheap dates, meek heroes, flights of crippled avatars

How will the young know deeply an art, a science, a craft, a discipline, years and tears, dedication, endless resolve, maturing skill?

And when all is Marvel universe of tiny nothingness swishing and booming through vacuum with cathartic music and tight bodies in latex, where will obese populations climb, amble, scleroses cooking in their veins? 

Where will nature end, flounder, falter bouncing twix extremes, be as unparadisiac, as the past has known paradise, mild mannered streams kissing shaded trees?

Oil fields fellating fighter jets

Rolling tanks and fish farms in a bunker swim

Incubated babies, collective parenting by bots

State supervised labor camps advertised as worker’s dreams 

Skin color aware, faith banter justified, hard drugs administered by priests.

Come to the future, all advertising, all toxic debris where algorithmic entertainment is life and life but a nuisance best left to the state to manage by decree. 

No war, no brain, no breath, no sea. Simulated sunlight on Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Bedros Afeyan

Pleasanton, CA


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