Armenia, Azerbaijan have reciprocally recognized the existence of enclaves




YEREVAN, MAY 24, ARMENPRESS.  Armenia and Azerbaijan have mutually recognized the existence of enclaves at the political level, but there is no final agreement on this issue at the legal level, ARMENPRESS reports, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during parliament-Cabinet Q&A session in the National Assembly, referring to the topic of enclaves.

"The topic of enclaves has always existed at the political level and for a long time. For example, in the territory exchange documents of 1999, one of the articles is dedicated to the enclaves of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The issue has a legal and political side. At the political level, in Munich and Brussels, there was the conversation that we mutually recognized the existence of enclaves, that is, that there is Artsvashen, which belonged and belongs to the Republic of Armenia, and enclaves, which are in the territory of Armenia, which belonged to Azerbaijan. And, yes, we recognize that at the political level, and I have said that at the legal level we have additional questions related to at least some of them," said the Prime Minister.

Pashinyan noted that there is no final agreement on the issue of enclaves, whether they will be exchanged or another solution will be given?

"Nothing is decided here, there are discussions and, in my opinion, there is a lot of room for flexibility here.

If there is a clear agreement with Azerbaijan, I will come and say that we have clearly agreed on the solution of the issue and it is like this. There is no final agreement on that topic, there are thoughts and different ideas, none of which are rejected," concluded Pashinyan.