Vietnamese woman returns lost money to Armenian tourist in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Vietnam –
By Phuong Anh 
A Vietnamese woman has returned VND4.5 million ($190) to an Armenian tourist who lost it on Tuesday while visiting Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Stella Amirkhanyan found she had lost the money while she was visiting a money exchange shop in preparation for her trip to Indonesia. She then drove her motorbike back to Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Hanoi's backpacker precinct, to find her lost money.

She says she felt desperate and thought her money had been lost. However, a young Vietnamese woman found the money and sat at a roadside café to wait for Amirkhanyan to return.

"It was like a miracle," Amirkhanyan said, when she received the money back. "I burst into tears," she said.

Amirkhanyan says she regrets that she forgot to ask the woman's name. Therefore, she shared her story online to thank the benefactor as well as spread the positive message.

Amirkhanyan was also very grateful to local people, who approached and comforted her when they saw her crying.

The young Armenian woman, who came to Hanoi late last year and works as travel blogger, is now visiting Indonesia but plans to return to Hanoi on March 27.