Democratic Party of Armenia: Court of Justice has indirectly recognized Karabakh independence from Azerbaijan
Armenia –

The UN International Court of Justice has indirectly recognized the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) from Azerbaijan. The Democratic Party of Armenia has noted about this in a statement which reads as follows, in particular:

"It seemed that the legal settlement of the Artsakh issue is no longer promising. But the UN International Court [of Justice] is coming to aid with its well-known precedent decision. Considering the case concerning Kosovo, the court has made a decision defining general legal terms. That is, when a territory separates from a state by the will of its population, according to the UN Charter, the need to obtain permission from the central government is not required.

Dozens of countries have recognized Kosovo's independence based on the [aforesaid] decision of the authoritative court. (…).

Now a question: Are the diplomatic organizations of Armenia and Artsakh not familiar with the mentioned decision of the court? (…).

(…) we [hereby] PROPOSE to submit to the [OSCE Minsk Group] Co-Chairs a new agenda, making the cornerstone of the negotiation process the [aforementioned] precedent decision of the UN International Court [of Justice], whereby the independence of the Artsakh Republic from Azerbaijan is also indirectly recognized; this is a fact."