Armenian Defense Ministry remains silent about soldier’s death for fifth day already
Armenia –

The Armenian Defense Ministry has not circulated reports about the death of Hrach Piliposyan, who was fatally wounded by enemy fire on 18 June, for the fifth day already.

Calls from Armenian to the Defense Ministry remain unanswered. The Defense Ministry remains silent about the circumstances under which the 19-year-old serviceman died.

David Shahnazaryan, head of the "United Vardenis" faction of the Vardenis Council of Elders, told Armenian about the death of a soldier because of enemy gunfire in the direction of Vardenis.

Hrach Piliposyan, 19, was shot by the enemy.

He was from the village Byurakan, he served his first year. Hrach Pilposyan was the eldest son in his family. He has two brothers.

19-year-old Hrach Pilposyan was buried yesterday, in his native village of Byurakan.

The Investigative Committee told Armenian that an investigation is underway to clarify the circumstances, after which a report will be issued.

The Investigative Committee is initiating criminal cases on the murders of servicemen by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. However, the Investigative Committee has not made a statement yet in connection with what happened on 18 June.