Science, education and economy are interconnected. Patapoutian formulated his formula for Armenia’s bright future




YEREVAN, JUNE 17, ARMENPRESS. Science, education and economy are interconnected, they guarantee a brighter future for Armenia, as a result of his visit to Armenia, the famous Armenian scientist, Nobel Prize winner Ardem Patapoutian came to this conclusion.

"At first I was surprised why the Ministry of Economy invited scientists to Armenia. But now, thinking more about it, I realized that science, education and the economy are interconnected to make sure that the future path of Armenia is bright," ARMENPRESS reports, he said.

Photos by Mkhitar Khachatryan

Patapoutian thanked the ministry for making him part of this interesting initiative "Science-Business Days-2022" event.

Referring to the prospects for the development of science in Armenia, the Nobel Prize winner emphasizes his visit to Synopsys, he is also aware of many high-tech companies operating in the country.

"This is a great example of how they help educate the people who need to be hired, it helps science and technology, as well as young scientists, to find work after graduation. So what I saw here was very impressive. I think this is the basis for creating other forms of this kind of cooperation. Science, technology, Synopsys and other companies will help the economy," the scientist added.

Patapoutian is convinced that as long as this effective and smart strategy continues, the future will be very bright.

He singled out some of his visits and meetings in Armenia. "Visiting Tsitsernakaberd was such an emotional moment for me. Another important event was the meeting with Prime Minister Pashinyan."

The famous scientist was also impressed by the visit to Martiros Saryan's house-museum.

The Nobel laureate is excited about the future of the country, he has already decided how to cooperate with his Armenian colleagues.

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