Foreigners bought 140 homes in Armenia in March

Armenia –

PanARMENIAN.Net - Foreigners made 140 real estate transactions in Armenia in March, according to information provided by the National Statistical Committee of the country.

Most homes were bought by Russians who made 68 transactions. Citizens of the United States came in the second with 30 transactions, followed by European nationals with 22.

Yerevan is the most popular place of residence among foreign buyers who purchased 79 homes in the reporting period.

Foreigners not only purchased, but also sold real estate, data shows, making 300 transactions, including 221 by Russian citizens.

In total, 4,859 transactions were made in the Armenian real estate market in March, which is almost identical to the volume of sales in March last year (4,883 transactions). At the same time, transactions of purchase and sale of land plots prevail (41.9% of the total number of transactions).