Resistance Movement representatives stage protest outside office of EU Delegation to Armenia
Armenia –

A group of members of the opposition Resistance Movement on Thursday protested in front of the office of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Armenia—and with the photos of police officers who used violence against demonstrators.

Lilit Beglaryan, a participant in the picket, stated: "We want to know whether the EU delegation is content with the use of police force these days, whether they consider the use of that force proportionate, and whether they care about the money that has been spent on many reforms in Armenia—including the police sector reforms.

"We have brought the photos that show the policemen who have used that force, who have used inexplicable brute force (…) against the citizens carrying out a peaceful protest. I'm sure that madam ambassador has seen those photos. But we have brought [them] one more time to remind her of what's going on here. We want to know if she has anything to say or not about all this. We would like her to speak."