MP: Hayastan faction submitted two applications to Constitutional Court
Armenia – Jan 25 2022

The opposition Hayastan faction submitted two applications to the Constitutional Court of Armenia in the recent past, MP Aram Vardevanyan said on Facebook on Tuesday.

“The first complaint concerns Article 135 of the Criminal Procedure Code – arrests, the wording of reasonable suspicion, the evidence threshold and its interpretation by the Supreme Judicial Council. The same application also challenges the inadmissibility of revoking the grounds for arrest,” he wrote.

The second application disputes the paragraph of the law "On Procurement", according to which the protocol expenses of the president, parliament speaker and prime minister are considered a state secret.

"The mentioned regulation and its application have proved that those officials remain outside public control, which is unacceptable in a democratic society," the MP stressed.

Vardevanyan also spoke about several legislative initiatives, including a bill calling for the elimination of penalty points for drivers, stressing the introduction of the system has not had a positive impact on road safety.

In addition, the Hayastan faction is working on another bill on the disproportionality of the minimum wage and the financial burden of PCR tests. Vardevanyan promised to provide further details in the near future.