Russia is active in addressing the problem of Armenian prisoners – Sergey Lavrov
Armenia – Jan 20 2022

"We are consistently making efforts to resolve the situation on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, but unfortunately, armed clashes occur from time to time, resulting in casualties," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has noted in response the media questions submitted for the news conference on Russia’s foreign policy performance in 2021. 

In Lavrov's words, a bilateral Commission on the delimitation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border with its subsequent demarcation needs to be set up as soon as possible. 

"We are ready to provide Baku and Yerevan with any consultative assistance in this process," stressed the Russia's top diplomat. 

"As for the prisoners, Russia is active in addressing this problem. As a reminder, 146 detained persons have been returned since December 2, 2020 with the Russian peacekeepers’ mediation: 127 to Armenia and 19 to Azerbaijan," Lavrov said.