Armenophobia the guarantee of political life of Azerbaijani officials – Ombudsman




YEREVAN, JANUARY 12, ARMENPRESS. The real reason and source of Azerbaijan’s provocations on the border with Armenia is the state propaganda policy of Armenophobia and hatred which is being carried out by the authorities of that country, Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan told reporters today.

“And this is not only a rhetoric, as I met in different cases, but a state policy being applied in life for many years. Look at the education, science, culture and sport sectors: Armenophobia and hatred pass through all these areas, even after the war the Azerbaijani president has proudly announced that the hatred against the Armenian people has increased in Azerbaijan”, Tatoyan said.

He said that this policy of Armenophobia of Azerbaijan will not end as it is the source of the political life of the Azerbaijani authorities, the guarantee of the political life of their officials.

“Therefore, this is a targeted policy, to keep its own people in Armenophobia, deviate people’s attention from their own problems. The system there is such, which, of course, completely violates the system of human rights and democracy”, the Ombudsman said.