ANN/Armenian News – Calendar of Events – 01/13/2022

      Armenian News's calendar of events is collected and updated mostly from

      announcements posted on this list, and submissions to [email protected]

      To submit, send to Armenian [email protected], and please note the following

      important points:

      • Armenian News's administrators have final say on what may be included in Groong's calendar of events.
      • Posting time is on Thursdays, 06:00 Pacific time.
      • Calendar items are short, functional, and edited to fit a template.
      • There is no guarantee or promise that an item will be published on time.
      • Calendar information is believed to be from reliable sources. However, no responsibility is assumed by Armenian News Administrators for inaccuracies and up-to-date-ness.
      • No commercial events will be accepted. (Dinners, dances, forget it. This is not an ad-space.)

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