Armenia MP: Turkey, Azerbaijan’s regional calculations have mixed up 
Armenia – Jan 10 2022

The events taking place in Kazakhstan are presented under a rather noteworthy light in the Azerbaijani and Turkish press. Tigran Abrahamyan, an MP from the opposition "With Honor" Faction in the National Assembly of Armenia and a security expert, wrote this on Facebook. He added as follows:

"If in the first days of the Kazakhstan crisis mostly ordinary news was given in Azerbaijan, then after the transfer of the CSTO rapid reaction forces to Kazakhstan, the Azerbaijani websites and Telegram channels, which are obviously under state control, have launched a not only anti-Russian campaign, but also against the Kazakh authorities.

The regional calculations of Turkey and Azerbaijan have mixed up, and they, forgetting about Kazakhstan which has close, multilateral, deep relations with them, also target Kazakhstan, with various anti-propaganda doses.

The signals coming from the EU, the US, and NATO have also undergone some changes, on whose basis—in the visible part—is the issue of the deployment of CSTO forces in Kazakhstan, engagement in the ongoing processes, and long-term stay.

However, it is clear that in reality the processes are much deeper, and there is a matter of control over the zones of influence and important communications.

Now it is already clear that after the events taking place in Kazakhstan, the forces manifesting activeness in the Eurasian region will make revisions in their policy, and from now on the processes will proceed under a different logic."