Newspaper: Matter of changing Armenia’s external vector becoming reality?, Armenia
Dec 4 2021

YEREVAN. – Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes. Today [PM] Nikol Pashinyan will once again meet with the representatives of the extra-parliamentary forces.

According to Past newspaper’s information, the agenda of the meeting is quite full (…).

(…). Along with all this, there are two matters on the agenda that we have that are quite noteworthy. One of them has such a wording: "Possible foreign policy developments: Discussion of termination of the RA membership in CSTO and EEU and possible alternatives.” By the way, the very next point [on this agenda] refers to the promotion of the European integration process.

In fact, the information is confirmed that the matter of termination of the RA's membership in the CSTO and EEU is being very actively discussed in the government and pro-government circles, although Pashinyan had noted at his last [press] conference that he does not believe the circumstance of leaving the CSTO will be considered.

By the way, this unit of extra-parliamentary forces, which was created on Pashinyan's initiative, is already almost entirely composed of pro-government forces, mostly pro-Western (…).

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