Birthday wish from Hakob Mikoyan – "Gift me a bag of trash"

Panorama, Armenia
Dec 4 2021

Radio engineer, military officer Hakob Mikoyan marks his birthday on December 11. Like  many, he is looking forward to get birthday presents, yet his expectation differs from others. Anyone who wants to make a gift to Hakob can do so by simply collecting and gifting him a bag of filled with actual trash.  

In a conversation with Hakob confessed: "My friends all over the world, people whom I know and even strangers can support my idea on that day by simply collecting garbage, pack it in a bag and gift me."  Hakob didn't specify what type of garbage can be collected. The only precondition is to clean the garbage left by others. In his words, everyone can join his initiative from their courtyard. 

"Join me from your courtyard" is the message Hakob is sending to all compatriots and believes everyone can find a time to #clean their courtyards, at the same time prepare a gift for him. 

This extraordinary idea of birthday present came to Hakob two years ago, and he shared it with his friends. On his birthday then he received 50 bags of garbage, later friends joint him and picked up a truck of garbage from Yerevan Botanical Garden. His expectation for gifts are even more for this year, as he has launched birthday present awareness campaign long before the birthday. 

"I hope that people reading this article will join the initiative as well. I would be especially happy of strangers join. The trash is in huge amounts and everywhere. Everyone can get a gift for me. I call on all who are concerned about environment join this initiative regardless of their political, religious affiliations and nationality," said Hakob. 

His wish is to turn garbage collection into a trendy exercise. Mikoyan himself collects a bag of garbage every day and also thinks of establishing nationwide garbage collecting initiative that could be implemented by only volunteers. 

"If we want to have a prosperous life, we should change the quality of our life. That is to say introduce army rule and discipline into our routine. This is not simply a process of garbage collection but an _expression_ of love toward the country and homeland. Removing the trash from the ground is a form of tribute and honor to soldier who fell for this land," Hakob said. 

Hakob calls on all citizens to join the initiative every day before the work or after it, by cleaning garbage from various locations in the city. As for the gift on his birthday, people can join it on December 11 by simply collecting garbage, packing and posting the photo of it on the Facebook page "Littering is a shame."

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