Lives of injured Armenian servicemen not under risk – Artsakh’s State Minister


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 15, ARMENPRESS. I urge everyone to refrain from spreading misinformation and the temptation to become a source of "scandalous" news. There are no other wounded or victims except the mentioned six injured, ARMENPRESS reports State Minister of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan wrote on his Facebook page.

“There were six servicemen in that particular position and all of them have been injured, while three others were away from the position and have avoided injuries.

Together with the Minister of Health, I visited the Stepanakert Military Hospital and the Republican Medical Center, followed the works of the medical staff. I'm still there. After some examinations, the doctors say that the condition of two of them is assessed as severe, but fortunately, noone’s life is under risk”, Beglaryan wrote.

The Defense Army reported that in the evening of October 14, the Azerbaijani armed forces opened fire at a military position of the Defense Army located in the eastern border of the Artsakh Republic, as a result of which six servicemen received gunshot injuries.

According to the Defense Army, shootings were reported at some other parts of the line of contact, but there were no other casualties. Now the situation has stabilized along the entire line of contact.

The State Minister wrote that the political and military leadership of Artsakh is taking emergency steps to stabilize the situation by making the necessary decisions and communicating with the relevant parties.

“I ask our compatriots to be calm, not to give in to false information and gossip. The relevant bodies will provide operative and regular information on the further development of the situation," he wrote.

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