Azerbaijan actively involved in propaganda war, unlike Armenia – Anzhela Elibekova

Panorama, Armenia
Oct 7 2021

"Azerbaijan has undertaken major projects in Shushi as they have focused on it as an important topic in their propaganda efforts," expert in Azerbaijan Anzhela Elibekova told a press conference on Thursday. 

The expert reminded of number of events held in the town, suggesting Azerbaijan thus tries to ingrate the town into its own reality. 

"In terms of propaganda, they are spending huge efforts which are not done on our side. They gather representatives of different international delegations, diplomats, journalists, members of various communities and tour around Shushi, show some sights, and  nurturing them with Armeniaphobia, presenting us as barbarians," said Elibekova. 

In the words of the expert, the Armenian side is obliged to respond to this and continuously voice about war crimes committed by Azerbaijan, by making use of all available resources and inform the world.  

"We do nothing in the propaganda war, while Azerbaijan works quite actively, depicting a negative image of Armenians, at the same time forging an image of themselves who struggle for justice," said Elibekova. 

Speaking of Azerbaijani-Iranian relations, Elibekova stressed Azerbaijan has occurred in a bizarre situation. 

"There have been numerous occasions in the past several years when relations between the two countries deteriorated. In fact, those relations have never been ideal. Iran has many leverages on Azerbaijan and around it to pressure on the country. Aliyev has always tried to run a policy of trade to somehow balance those relations against the cooperation with Israel and Turkey. Aliyev is the last one who needs this escalation as he lacks resources for confrontation with Iran but if it is pressed by third parties, such as Turkey and Israel, it shows the Azerbaijani president has lost own decision-making, capacity to determine on priorities for the foreign policy, which is an alarm sign to his public about the loss of independence and sovereignty," added Elibekova. 

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