Newspaper: How much spent from Armenia state budget for 30th Independence Day anniversary event?, Armenia
Sept 25 2021

YEREVAN. – Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: The event held on September 21 at Republic Square [in the capital Yerevan], which was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia, gave rise to various discussions. At the same time, various figures related to the money spent [on this event] are also actively circulated.

Past newspaper had petitioned to the RA government with a written inquiry, asking to answer how much money was allocated from the state budget for the mentioned event. 

We have received a response from the Information and Public Relations Department of the Prime Minister's Office (…). "The event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence (…) was organized by Domino Production LLC. (…). At the same time, we inform that no funds have been allocated from the state budget to carry out the event. Domino Production has drawn the necessary money for the implementation of the program from private sponsors," the answer notes.

We have sent a written inquiry to Domino Production LLC, too, asking to answer where the [respective] financial sources are from, as well as to provide the full cost opening. As soon as we receive the answer, we will also present that information to the public. 

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