Artur Vanetsyan transferred his cash bonus to Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center

Panorama, Armenia
Sept 17 2021

The leader of "I have the Honour" bloc Artur Vanetsyan has transferred the cash bonus awarded on 30th anniversary of Armenia’s independence to the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center. 

"As per decision of "I have the Honour" bloc, Artur Vanetsyan transferred the cash bonus received today to the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center," the press secretary of Homeland party wrote on his Facebook page. 

As reported earlier, MPs from the opposition I Have the Honor faction in the Armenian parliament have decided to refuse the one-time cash bonuses awarded to lawmakers on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Armenia’s independence. In this regard, the bloc highlighted that there are many social problems in the country that need to be addressed.

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