Armenia PM clarifies spending of funds donated to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund during 44-day war, Armenia
Sept 15 2021

The funds of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund which were collected during the 44-day war have been used to meet necessary state needs. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said in response to a question from secretary of the opposition “With Honor” faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Hayk Mamijanyan during today’s question-and-answer session with government officials in parliament.

The Prime Minister rushed to explain that the funds were provided for medical, social and other expenses that significantly grew at the time, not to purchase weapons.

“A little over AMD 100,000,000,000 was allocated for those purposes. Out of the AMD 100,000,000,000, AMD 52,000,000,000 was allocated from the Fund, and the remaining AMD 50,000,000,000 was allocated from the state budget. So, the funds were spent within the scope of the Fund’s goals,” Pashinyan clarified.

Pashinyan mentioned that during the session that the Fund’s Board of Trustees held during those days, representatives of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund listened to the government’s report on the expenses that he had personally delivered, and after listening to the report, the Board of Trustees issued a statement stating that the funds were spent without misuse and squander.

The chairman of the Board of Trustees of President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian.

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