The ruling party abstained from voting on including the word Artsakh in the name of NA Standing Committee

Panorama, Armenia
Sept 10 2021

Members of the ruling "Civil Contract" faction in parliament abstained from voting on renaming the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee on Foreign Relations to Standing Committee on Foreign Relations and Artsakh. The discussion and the follow-up vote was held on Friday at the parliamentary Committee on legal and state affairs. 

Lawmaker from opposition Armenia bloc Aghvan Vardanyan noted in his remarks that various developments are going on around Artsakh and as a parliamentary country they should be able to include issues concerning Artsakh in the work of the NA committees. 

Vardanyan stressed that opposition "Armenia" bloc suggested to make amendments into the NA decision of setting up Standing Committees and debate the matter at the NA plenary session. Vardanayan said that the word Artsakh is not included in the names of any Standing Committee. 

"Since we have the Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs with its key function to deal with Artsakh issue the faction suggested to rename it," said the opposition lawmaker. 

"With voting down the proposal the ruling majority expressed its attitude toward Artsakh," Vardanyan told reporters after the Committee sitting.

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