Driver’s head broken after Azerbaijanis throw stone at his head while he was driving in Armenia’s Kut village, Armenia

Russian border guards will be deployed in the Norabak village of Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. During a conversation with Pastinfo newspaper, resident of Norabak village, cameraman Armen Ghazaryan informed that five days ago, border guards came to the village, climbed to the top of a mountain and left. He and the other residents only know that shacks will be built there.

There aren’t many incidents between the residents and Azerbaijanis. The residents haven’t heard gunshots fired by Azerbaijanis after midnight. A few days ago, the Azerbaijanis threw stones at a driver who was taking bread to Armenian military posts in his car in the neighboring Kut village.

“The tents in Kut are top to bottom. Our soldiers are little below. Three days ago, an Azerbaijani threw a stone at a driver who was taking bread to the military posts and broke his head,” a resident said.

People have been tense since Azerbaijani soldiers infiltrated into the territory of Norabak village of Gegharkunik Province. Villagers don’t have the opportunity to approach their haystacks and graze their cattle in the mountains near the village. One of the villagers said the grazing fields are located 7 km away from the village and used to belong to Norabak village since the Soviet era, but now the Azerbaijanis are deployed in those territories, and the villagers simply can’t sow and reap.

Asked if the government has compensated, the villager said the government doesn’t care about the villagers.

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