The war should have never started and if started, we shouldn’t have lost it – Robert Kocharyan

Panorama, Armenia

"There is panic among people in Syunik province not from fear of Turks but because of the feeling of abandonment," the leader of "Armenia" pre-election bloc, Armenia's ex-president Robert Kocharyan stated on Thursday during a trip to Talin town. Kocharyan added that people in Armenia's southern province do not see the support of the army and the authorities. 

In the words of the ex-president, over the past three years the most damage by the ruling force has been done to the security and the system of values of the Armenian people. He referred to the political forces, part of "Armenia" pre-election bloc, noting  "Reviving Armenia" party which represents Syunik is the symbol of security, while Dashnaktsutyun is about the system of values he had successfully cooperated with them for nine years. 

Kocharyan outlined the three main concerns of the Armenian people at this period. "The first is the state security and the protection of the border. The second is the dire situation in the economy with growing unemployment and poverty," said Kocharyan, adding no investments are made in Armenia as a result of which no job places are created, and the situation may not improve in the feasible future, if the power in Armenia remains unchanged. 

The third, per Kocharyan, is the atmosphere of hatred which has reached to an immense scale in the past three years leaving its negative impact on the economy and migration, as no one is ready to make investments in a polarized society.  

"The war should have never started and if started, we shouldn't have lost it. We shouldn't have had today's situation on the border and the army with broken backbone likewise in the economy," stressed the ex-president, adding the todays' reality in Armenia is a result of the deliberate policy run by the authorities. 

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