Armenia’s Pashinyan: If I’m guilty, execute me, and I’ll submit, Armenia

Today, all the former Presidents of Armenia blame me for not agreeing to see Nagorno-Karabakh have the same fate that Nakhchivan had. This is what acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during today’s campaign meeting in Lori Province.

“If I’m guilty, dear people, sentence me, execute me, and I’ll submit, but I believe I did everything possible and many people in Armenia did whatever they could to make sure Armenia and the Armenian side won the war. Army generals would receive phone calls telling them to not submit to the authorities, leave Artsakh and fight in Yerevan. When the President of Artsakh was telling people to go and defend Shushi since the enemy had approached Shushi, nobody went, and later, it turned out that those people were preparing to attack the government building. They should have gone and attacked in Shushi,” Pashinyan said.

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