MP presents border situation in Gegharkunik


YEREVAN, MAY 12, ARMENPRESS. Member of Parliament Taguhi Tovmasyan says she personally contacted the commander of the army corps encompassing her constituency of Gegharkunik Province to clarify the media reports on Azeri military advancements near the province’s village of Shorzha.

“The information that the Azerbaijani military has advanced in the Shorzha settlement’s section of the Vardenis region extremely concerned me as well,” she said in a statement. “I just spoke to our army corps commander. I’d like to relay his words that the Azerbaijani military hasn’t committed any encroachment against the Armenian state border in the Gegharkunik province, and hasn’t displayed any aggression against our province,” she said.

“And what did actually happen? After the signing of the November 9-10 ill-starred document, when Karvajar was surrendered, the Azeri military positioned in that parts wherever it was able to due to heavy snow. Now the snow has melted, they are advancing in the areas which are under their control, they are positioning in areas closer to us. The general underscored that [Azeri military] hasn’t and can’t advance even one millimeter from the Armenian state border.”

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

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