Armenian expert: It is hard to imagine bigger threat to Artsakh than uncertainty surrounding its status

Panorama, Armenia
May 7 2021

It is hard to imagine a bigger threat to Artsakh than the uncertainty surrounding its status, according to Armenian military expert Tigran Abrahamyan, head of the analytical center Henaket. 

"This is directly linked to the security of Artsakh. If we take into account the provisions of the November 9 trilateral statement, in particular, the 5-year term of arrangements, it becomes clear that in every five years, we will face a threat of renewed war due to the unresolved status,” Abrahamyan wrote on Facebook on Friday.

“It is yet unclear at what cost the trilateral agreements will be extended every five years, but unfortunately, the constant risks will most certainly accompany us for decades.

“The current authorities not only failed to include this issue in the trilateral statement, but today they are not taking any practical steps to put this matter on the priority agenda.

“In such conditions the Russian side, in turn, will take a path and priorities that, first of all, fit into the framework of its regional agenda.

“Armenia, as one of the parties, is absent even from matters related to it, and after November 9, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and the other countries have been discussing all issues concerning us with Russia,” the expert wrote. 

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