Armenia ruling party MP: Azerbaijanis can’t have corridor through Meghri, Armenia

The roads need to be unblocked, but it has to be done in such a way that Armenia’s interest isn’t overlooked, and this implies blockage of a corridor for the Azerbaijanis through the territory of Meghri. This is what deputy of the My Step faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Armen Khachatryan told reporters in parliament.

“The fact that the unblocking of roads is a key issue for Armenia and that the country will see major changes in the economy and have new prospects after unblocking is unequivocal, but Aliyev’s notions of the unblocking of roads are perhaps unacceptable for us, for the most part. You are probably referring to the issue of providing a certain corridor through the Syunik Province. I don’t think there is such an issue, and there can’t even be a corridor for Azerbaijan through Syunik Province. Aliyev and Erdogan dream of having that corridor, but they will keep dreaming,” the deputy said.

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