Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Russia rises by 8,704 over day


YEREVAN, APRIL 10, ARMENPRESS. The number of coronavirus cases in Russia increased by 8,704 over the day to 4,632,688, the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus told reporters, TASS reports.

In relative terms, the increase in the number of cases was 0.19%.

In particular, 699 cases were detected in St. Petersburg, in the Moscow region – 587, in the Nizhny Novgorod region – 245, in the Rostov region – 240.

The number of so-called active cases, patients who are being treated at the moment, has decreased to 271,760, the headquarters said. This is the lowest figure since mid-October 2020.

The number of people who recovered from coronavirus in Russia increased by 9,579 over the past day to 4,258,279. According to the headquarters, the share of recovered patients remained at 91.9% of the total number of cases.

In particular, 31 deaths were registered over the past day in St. Petersburg, 25 – in the Rostov region, 24 – in the Samara region, 16 – in the Sverdlovsk region, 14 – in the Moscow region.

For the entire run of the pandemic, 958,783 people have recovered. Currently, 70,251 people are undergoing treatment in the capital.

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