Ruling faction head doesn’t rule out amendments to some provisions of Electoral Code before snap polls

 14:30, 5 April, 2021

YEREVAN, APRIL 5, ARMENPRESS. The authorities do not see any problem for making changes to other provisions of the Electoral Code as well after getting the opinion of the Venice Commission before the elections, if there is consensus over it, Head of the ruling My Step faction of the Armenian Parliament Lilit Makunts told reporters today, asked whether other changes to the Electoral Code are expected after getting the opinion of the Venice Commission.

“In fact, we have divided the new changes to the Electoral Code into two parts. We have already adopted the part relating to the proportional system at the plenary session of the Parliament. At this moment it has been submitted for the President’s signing, we will soon see what is taking place over the proportional system mainly. As for the second part, we will discuss the issue when we get the official notification of the Venice Commission, which provisions will be adopted for the coming early parliamentary elections and which ones will be delayed. It will be discussed in the Parliament and we will decide”, she said.

He stated that in this context it’s important to take into account to what extent it’s realistic to make those changes also by the Central Electoral Commission. If there are provisions which will facilitate the procedures, they will be adopted, if not, the issue will be put up for the future.

Lilit Makunts also informed that during this period they have had quite intense discussions with the President of the Central Electoral Commission who has presented his views not only over making amendments to the package, but also some approaches which can be a problem in terms of time for the CEC itself.

As for the whole composition of the pre-election list of the Civil Contract party, Makunts said maybe there will be new names in the list.

Armenia will hold early parliamentary elections on June 20.

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